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Manage your club - including your site profile, events, camps, clinics and take participant registration.

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Why create an account?

WorldWaterSkiers and WSconnect is committed to unifying the sport of waterskiing around the world and creating a platform of tools to help Clubs, Schools and Federations.

What you get with your account?

Ski Site Profile

When you create an account on Wsconnect, your site profile will be linked to the the network of clubs and schools that WWS list around the world giving your club a global audience.

Tournament/Camp/Clinic/Demo Management

Log into your account at any time. Manage both your Club, National & International Events and allow World Water Skiers to help promote these on their International Calendar of Events.

Participant Registration

An all inclusive registration system for waterski events that will manage all your participant entries and take payments direct into your Bank account using multiple payment methods. Download Skier lists for direct uploading into your scoring software. *currently only available for Waterski Events.

Website Plugins and Iframes

World Water Skiers have built multible ways of displaying data that they are collecting on any members website. These include your Club profile, an Event Calendar, Skier profiles of your club members, Results and any videos you may have uploaded.